About ME February-18-2012
My name is Marije van Engelen (hence the M.E. initials!). I’ve been taking photographs since the age of approximately 10. Although I am Dutch, I’ve had the privilege of being born and raised abroad and that’s how the urge to travel and experience was embedded. I am blessed to live in Canada, which fulfills all my nature and wildlife loving needs. I rarely don't have my camera with me when I leave the city as there is so much beauty that is asking to be photographed! 

After years of keeping my photographs to myself (and maybe sharing some with family), it’s now time to share some of them with you. Feel free to let me know what you think of them!


Aurora Borealis February-26-2014
The magical Aurora Borealis has shown herself multiple times this year already! According to the forecast we may be able to see her again tonight (yay!)! I was blessed to see the northern lights last week. Although I've been able to witness them a couple of times, it doesn't make it less magical. The northern lights are different every time...and every time just as breathtaking.

Canada! February-18-2012

Wildlife and Nature photography in Canada is amazing, I have recently added several new photo's to the North America page. For more information you can get in touch through the Contact ME link in the menu.


Nature Quote February-24-2015


"The mountains are calling


I must go"

-John Muir